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I’m David Rhoades, a North Carolina communications professional living and working in the Research Triangle Park region of the state.   DavidRTP is my personal website, a notepad of sorts for me to park ideas, quotes and observations — typically about marketing, design, business strategy or digital culture. Aiming to keep track of many interesting trees here. Maybe a forest will appear.

In the meantime, I also use the site as a playground and occasional creative outlet. And of course, it’s a quick way for people to learn more about me.

Like I say — it’s mostly just my notes. But if you’re running an organization in the Triangle and find some of the insights and ideas parked here useful too, that’s cool. I do appreciate you stopping by.

Bio | David Rhoades, North Carolina Marketing Professional

David Rhoades is a marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of experience in traditional and new media. He currently serves as Communications Director at the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the state’s lead agency for economic development. David’s team at Commerce provides information about the agency’s economic development work and connects stakeholders with the specialists and programs that advance North Carolina’s economy.  David also oversees the Department’s website, some of its social media outposts, and currently edits the Department’s electronic newsletter, SYNC.

Before the Department’s marketing functions were transitioned to a public-private organization in October 2014, David served as Commerce’s Director of Marketing, creating programs to market the State of North Carolina to business audiences worldwide.  This work involved brand-building, advertising, media and public relations, relationship marketing programs, and oversight of the state’s business development website, ThriveNC.com.

Prior to joining Commerce, David ran his own firm as the principal at MarketingWorks RTP, a marketing consulting and services company based in RTP.  MarketingWorks isn’t taking on new clients at the moment, but the company’s focus aimed to help companies find new customers and increase business with current customers using an approach based on the philosophy of ‘elegant simplicity,’ a method that brings clarity and closure to complex marketing challenges.

David is a veteran marketer with creative development and media experience, including two Emmy Awards. Previously, David was a manager at ROI Marketing in Raleigh, where he developed customer- centric direct and electronic marketing programs for start-up technology clients. Prior to joining ROI, David served as the director of marketing programs for KOZ.com, an Internet community infrastructure company. During the launch of KOZ’s Community Publishing System, he was instrumental in building affiliate marketing programs designed to help traditional broadcast and print media companies market the KOZ System to their audiences. He was also responsible for building KOZ’s corporate brand and managing its print, online, and direct mail campaigns.

David is a graduate of the Radio, Television, Motion Pictures and Speech Communications programs from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a film, video and multi-media producer, David spent years on location and in edit bays producing TV commercials and presentations. As creative services director for WTVD, the ABC/Disney-owned television station in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. television market, he led all marketing efforts for the top- rated channel. He also worked in creative services for a variety of other broadcast companies.

For fun, David enjoys movies, a few TV series – including Star Trek, if you must know – reading, and a bit of gardening, when his beloved wife drags him into the yard to haul mulch or what have you. He resides in Durham, North Carolina with her (and an entertaining cat named Eydie. Pets… they do become part of the family, don’t they!).

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