Snow and Alligators – The Future of Long Form?

The future of storytelling on the web – particularly long form storytelling – is itself a story worth watching.

William Browning’s story on hunting alligators over at SBNation was favorably mentioned recently as an example of the best of the new form of web storytelling birthed from the Snow Fall revolution, that New York Times’ high profile multimedia feature published back in December 2012.  Here are just a  few  other examples of this new style.
I found these pointers in a story about Ezra Kline’s move to Vox Media, which has been cast as a move to cover the beat he’s known for in a more compelling way.
Interestingly, though, there’s pushback to this approach – captured well in Farhad Manjoo’s complaint at Slate last August.
Is the multimedia pixie dust mere eye candy, or a better way to tell your story.  I’ve got my popcorn, because the debate has only just begun.


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