But Will the Dogs Eat It?

“There is no doubt, says the report, that likable ads win popularity contests. However, for two years in a row, Communicus study results indicate that having a likable ad can boost commercial recall, and even help with brand recall, but is not related to a commercial’s ability to sell the product.” — Jack Loechner, writing at Media Post

The Super Bowl is in the rear view mirror now, but it’s still worth thinking about what makes an effective ad. On the point of ‘enhancing likeability,’ the Communicus study concludes liking is worth something.  But the thrust of their take is liking doesn’t drive purchase.

We’re all in the market for neat bows.  Neat explanations.  But likability is all balled up in the grey messy areas of your prospect’s mind.   It matters.  But can you quantify how much?

Hat tip to Ruth Ann Barrett for the pointer.



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