Houston, We Have a Problem

Only one-third gave marketing a “passing grade” on lead quality, with even fewer (27.8%) giving that grade for lead quantity.

The quintessential sales/marketing divide – you see stories and research about this all the time. Seems rife in all industries.

The quote above comes from a post back in February of this year citing the CSO Insights’ 2014 Sales Performance Optimization Study. This take, of course, is being lobbed into the marketers bunker from their friends across the hall in Sales. I’m sure you can Google around to find similar studies and findings, from both points of view. Or, walk down to the water cooler in your office.

The MarkingProfs post opens with the suggestion that Marketing and Sales just might find it helpful to strike a formal agreement declaring what, exactly, a qualified lead really is. It’s so drop-dead obvious a step – mere common sense.

Why is common sense so uncommon in this particular thicket?


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