They Always Hate the Logo

Noted in passing a few weeks back that Red Hat is engaged in an admirable act of corporate bravery.

The software company, based in downtown Raleigh, is in the midst of an “open brand project” and in October is due to roll out an all-new logo. The color red, and a hat, are likely to figure in it somehow presuming in-house designers follow the advice they’re getting from customers and employees. — Ray Gronburg, writing in the News & Observer

Perhaps on the line, according to the News & Observer, is the fate of ‘Shadowman,’ the company’s iconic fedora-wearing fashion plate, seen now for some time surveying the Raleigh skyline from his perch atop RH HQ.

Outside looking in, ya gotta admire how the company is tackling the task, taking the time to engage its community and obviously spending a lot of time on the project.

They should.  Brands are valuable, and when managed well bring a lot of value to a company or organization.   And while a logo isn’t the brand (say it again, preacher!) – truth of the matter is, logos can be the place where the brand battle is either won or lost.

Make no mistake — whatever they do, some people are gonna hate it.  Maybe a lot of people.

That’s just the price of admission for playing brand steward.  The more interesting question will be — what will they do then.

Red Hat knows open source, and from what I hear that world can get kinda turbulent.  So – it’s popcorn time.  I’ll be watching.


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